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Top 10 Most Expensive Neighborhoods

1. New York City: Penn Plaza/Garment District Average Cost of Monthly Rent: $4,440

Also known as the Fashion District, this neighborhood of less than one square mile is home to the majority of New York’s showrooms, numerous fashion labels, businesses and talent.

2. New York City: DUMBO Average Cost of Monthly Rent: $4,023 An acronym for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass (DUMBO), this Brooklyn neighborhood is walkable, has waterfront access, and is abuzz with a thriving art scene, designer boutiques and Indy bookstores. DUMBO is also a hub for tech companies.

3. San Francisco: Yerba Buena Average Cost of Monthly Rent: $3,643 One of San Francisco’s most dynamic areas packed with cultural institutions, shopping, urban green spaces and fine dining, this neighborhood attracts an eclectic crowd made up of urbanistas, fashionistas, entrepreneurs, foodies, retirees, night clubbers, hard workers and technologists.

4. Boston: Government Center Average Cost of Monthly Rent: $3,782 Located in downtown Boston, the most dominant feature of this neighborhood is Boston City Hall, which was built in the 1960s. Other government buildings include two Suffolk County courthouses, two state office buildings, two federal office buildings and City Hall Plaza.

5. Oakland/Emeryville, CA: Golden Gate Average Cost of Monthly Rent: $2,695 This diverse neighborhood is rapidly transforming into a popular hipster haven with drip coffee, vegan donuts and urban farming. San Pablo Avenue is the main shopping street and getting to Berkley, downtown Oakland or San Francisco is a breeze with public transit.

6. Palo Alto, CA: Crescent Park Average Cost of Monthly Rent: $3,157 With its large lots, traditional architecture and sprawling tree-lined streets, Crescent Park is one of Palo Alto’s most prestigious neighborhoods, offering residents a calm and serene atmosphere that has attracted some prominent dwellers, including former 49ers quarterback, Steve Young, and Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg.

7. Great Neck, NY (Nassau County): Great Neck Plaza Average Cost of Monthly Rent: $3,223 Located in Nassau County, this former farming community now hosts a variety of unique upscale shops and restaurants on “Middle Neck Road.” Close proximity to Manhattan has attracted wealthy New Yorkers to this neighborhood. Previous residents include Groucho Marx, Eugene O’Neil, W.C. Fields and F. Scott Fitzgerald.

8. Jersey City, NJ: Historic Downtown Average Cost of Monthly Rent: $3,068 Comprised of low-rise buildings, brownstones and parks, this neighborhood features many cultural attractions including the Jersey City Museum, the Hudson and Manhattan Railroad Powerhouse.

9. Newport Beach, CA: Newport Center Average Cost of Monthly Rent: $3,133 Also dubbed “Fashion Island,” this open-aired neighborhood hosts businesses, chic boutiques, cafes and restaurants, with views overlooking the bluff of Newport Harbor in Newport Beach, all set against a lush Italian style landscape of piazzas, fountains, palm trees and Koi ponds.

10. San Diego, CA: Harborview Average Cost of Monthly Rent: $2,206 Located in downtown San Diego, this neighborhood has a high population of young adults. While Harborview is car-friendly, residents can also conveniently access main attractions by bike or on foot. Travel to the nearest beach or park only requires a quick drive or ride on public transit.


Article originally published by Tammy Kotula


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